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Fluidbed Atmosphere


For applications of room temperatures to 2000ºF

  • Nitriding
  • Nitrocarburizing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Carburizing


Standard Atmosphere Furnace

The furnace adds capacities to the standard toolcase to allow all of the processes that can take place in a neutral furnace. By adding reactive gases such as ammonia, and/or natural gas, the atmosphere can be created to provide the above processes.

This requires the addition of gas controls and meters to feed a controlled flow of a combination of gases that provide for fluidization in addition to the atmosphere. We typically use industry accepted Waukee meters for the final adjustment of flow rates.

The control panel shown with the furnace above contains all of the flow controls plus the necessary electric devices to display, and automatically control the heating power to give an accurate, uniform temperature control. Controls that are typically used are Honeywell digital controllers, Control concepts SCR power controllers, and Square D interupting switches. All of this equipment is contained in a Nema XII enclosure.

A final touch for repeatable process control uses a PLC such as Allen Bradley or Omron. The purpose of this controller is to start gas flows after a timed purge, provide for interupted flow, and to stop gas flows in a predetermined plan. It takes but a button push to create the planned for cycle.

To see toolcase furnace with automatic start up - CLICK HERE