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Salt Bath Tool Accessories



1. A flight bar that is an integral part of automation for our furnaces, and is adapted to mate to our customers fixturing.

2. Typical electrodes that are the key to an electric furnace heating system. They do not provide heat, rather, they are a contact to introduce heat power into a salt bath, and as such they are subject to heat and wear. We have utilized solid alloy castings for the hot zone, mated to air/water cooled steel cold leg that carries power into the furnace. The Electrical contact area is tin plated for enhancing conductivity.

3. A molten salt bath will never work until the salt has been fused (melted) and in contact with live electrodes. The tool shown is an electric bath starter that is used for an initial melt for startup purposes and can also be used to restart a “frozen” idle furnace. This tool consists of a starter assembly in the furnace pot, and connectors to the furnace power supply.

4. Salt systems almost always require cleaning after heat processing, shown is one of many types of heated water wash systems fabricated in corrosion resistant stainless steel and complete with a conveyor also fabricated from Stainless steel.

5. A simple dipper bucket for cleaning, or emptying a salt furnace. In addition we supply an array of accessories such as thermocouples, lead wire, lining materials and most importantly complete repair and rebuild services for all makes of salt and fluidbed furnaces.

6. This clam sludger tool can be a good investment for those furnaces too big or deep to clean with normal tools.

In addition to these accessories, Fluidtherm does furnace rebuilds.