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Lab Furnaces

A salt bath for laboratory or light production at temperatures up to 1100ºF.

Lab Furnace

Tank; type 309 stainless steel, 10 guage thickness interior size 14 X 15 X 16 inches deep, A useful working space inside of this 12 X 12 X 12 inches.

Heat source; Immersed tubular electric Calrod type heater 5000 Watts, 240 or 480 volts single phase, 60 HZ

Furnace enclosure; 22 X 33 X 20 inches high, that includes a control panel enclosure. The space between the enclosure and tank is insulated with 4 inches of high temperature mineral fiber.

Furnace Controls:
Power control with a proportioning SCR controller
Temperature sensing and control by Honeywell UDC 1250 with a type K thermocouple
Overtemp  limit by contactor
The controls are incorporated into a nema XII enclosure with a main fused disconnect and necessary Switches and pilot light indicators.