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Fluidbed Neutral Heat



For applications of room temperatures to 2000ºF

  • Austenitizing
  • Tempering
  • Quenching
  • Austempering

The Toolcase Furnace

The standard toolcase furnace offers all of the advantages of the fluidbed heat systems.
• simplicity of use
• fast heat due to conduction and even application of heat
• enhancement and protection of product surfaceby added gases for fluidization
• clean surface after completion of processing
• at end of processing, simple shut down procedure, with no continuing heat losses
• clean, unaffected surroundings by heat equipment.
• relatively inexpensive initial cost

In addition, FLUIDTHERM offers these addvantages
• a diffusion plate that is insulated and ends the problem of pre-reaction of gases
• the diffusion plate that is easily and quickly removed for repair or replacement
• a clear operating heat zone, unimpeded with heaters, thermocouples etc.
• a pretested system ready to go “ out of the box”
• easily operated, hand operated cover systems.

To see toolcase furnace with automatic start up - CLICK HERE